– Paige & Nate (2018)

"THANK YOU for all that you did to help us capture our wedding day!"

– Sara & Brad (2019)

"We are in LOVE with our wedding videos!!! We really, really appreciate all of the hard work you guys put into it."

– Kate & Steven (2017)

"Superb photography, style, and editing."

– Doug Andrews, Officiant (2010)

"We LOVE the pictures!"

– Megan & Gordon (2016)

"Thank y'all so much. I've watched this video 14 times since you posted it ... 15."

– Peter Cato, Groom (2013)

"We absolutely LOVED the wedding films!"

– Melanie, Bride (2018)

"This is fabulous Trevor, thank you for capturing Lindsay and James so beautifully. I can’t stop watching it and shedding a few tears."

– Leslie, MOB (2019)

"Thank you so much. For capturing our day, being so easy to work with, being great communicators, the whole 9 yards!"

- Rachel, Bride (2018)

"We have received SO many compliments on our wedding day highlights film, and I think I have watched it about 10 times already. Thanks SO much again for your work. Everyone absolutely loves it!"

– Morgan, Bride (2018)

"Beautiful as ALWAYS!"

– Emily Joy McCarthy - Designer Emma J. Design

"Oh my gosh - we are SO HAPPY with the video!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!"

– Jaclyn, Bride (2014)

"Trevor at Savannah Wedding Films was AWESOME! They were so great the day of, they captured such great moments and the quality and editing of the video was absolutely perfect!"

- Coleman, Bride (2018)

"CHILLS! This is beautiful!"

– Megan Parramore, Bride (2016)

"Both the full length and the highlights video are absolutely PERFECT!!"

– Coleman, Bride (2018)

"The video is magical - I absolutely love it !!!! Thank you so much!!!"

- Anne, Bride (2017)

"Trevor's work is wonderful and he is a complete professional at the wedding. His shots are amazing and you hardly know he is there."

– Donna Von Bruening, Photographer

"Trevor and his team are very professional and did a wonderful job with our wedding and engagement pictures! They paid attention to every detail and did not miss anything. We now have beautiful memories in the form of pictures that will last forever. The book they made us was also beautiful. I am forever grateful to have everything preserved so we can share with our children one day!"

– Megan, Bride (2016)

"It is SO perfect! You are truly amazing at what you do! Thank you for the best gift ever. We love it!"

– Anne Carson, Bride (2016)

"Thank you so so much we are overwhelmed and truly happy with the result."

– Paige & Nate (2018)

"I just love how you and your assistant just work everything so completely and quietly to the point that we forget you are there."

– Debbie Rich, Mother of the Bride (2015)

"There are no adequate words I can use to describe how much we love our wedding video! It is truly magical. I can't thank you and your team enough!! It was just a wonderful way to capture our big day and relive every moment! Thank you for all the hard work you did to make that video just perfect!

– Courtney, Bride (2016)

"Thank you for capturing all the amazing moments of our wedding. This is something I will treasure forever!!"

– Molly, Bride (2017)

"We love the video so much. It came out so great."

– Chris Parker, Groom (2016)

"Your work is just beautiful. I cried and I don’t even know the bride and groom."

– Denise Gonzales, Photographer

"We felt Savannah Wedding Films did a fantastic job. They were there on time, caught all the major points of our wedding and delivered a beautiful video! We appreciate their quality, timeliness and professionalism."

– Daniella, Bride (2009)

"Thank you so much, these photos mean so much to us, they are beautiful."

- Rebecca & Cargill (2017)

"This video brings me so much joy & laughter! Such an incredible weekend spent with the people that mean the world to Josh & I. Thank you for documenting the most memorable night of our lives!"

- Ella, Bride (2015)

"We want you to know y'all are AWESOME!"

– Chasity Neesmith, Bride (2015)

"Trevor and his team are amazing to work with! They are professional during the planning process as well as on-site. Their films are beautiful and we always enjoy working with them!"

– Westin Savannah Golf Harbor Resort & Spa

"OBSESSED with our custom film by Savannah Wedding Films celebrating our wedding at The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa with Posh Petals and Pearls, A to Zinnias, JLK Events, Christine Hall Photography, Momentum Party Band and many more! Thank you to Simon's Formal Wear Savannah, Rob's at Drayton Towers, Kori Smith Urso, Modern Trousseau Charleston, and Dennis Stokely for being a fabulous "glam squad"! Thank you to all of you for making it SOOOO much fun and just kinda perfect! ☺"

– Emily Dover, Bride (2014)

"We love the video! Everything about it is great, we love the way it was filmed and the songs. Thank you for capturing such wonderful footage of a day that's so special to us. And please tell everyone who had a part in the Video thank you. I could not be happier with it and I cannot wait to show it at our reception this weekend!"

– Brittany Stewart, Bride (2013)

"This is so incredible! I'm crying at my desk."

- Kate Evans (2017)

"Jay and I wanted to thank you for being absolutely fantastic to work with on our big day! You were very easy going, which made it very easy to be ourselves. "

– Jen, Bride (2014)

"Thank you so much for coming and working with us. It was so fun to meet you. I cannot wait to get the films back so excited. Best part of the wedding. You all were great. Thanks again for everything."

– Beverly Duke, Mother of the Bride (2015)

"Savannah Wedding Films' videos make people feel like they are right there in the moment, sharing with the Bride and Groom on their special day! "

– Kylie, Maid of Honor

"OMG you guys!!! This is so beautiful!! Brought tears to my eyes. Loved reliving every moment!!"

- Robin L. Davis (2017)

"We are so glad we were able to get our wedding on video to enjoy for years to come! We highly recommend Trevor and Savannah Wedding Films!"

– Erin Nicole, Bride


– Tara Gonzalez Skinner, Event Designer Posh Petals & Pearls (2013)


"I cried through this entire video. What a beautiful reminder of a perfect day!!"

- Mary-Margaret Evans (2017)


"Trevor and his staff filmed by daughter Emily's rehearsal dinner and the entire day of her wedding. We recently received the videos and they are amazing! He did a great job editing and putting them together with the perfect music. We debated about whether to use a videographer at all and are so thankful that we did and that we chose him. We have already watched them with family and friends several times and will enjoy them for years to come. WELL worth every penny!"

– Debbie, Mother of Bride (2015)



- Alexandra Elovitz (2017)

"1.2k views!? Dayum girl."

- Lauren Varvara, SWF Facebook (2017)

"Savannah Wedding Films was a great partner to work with! It was very easy and efficient to communicate with them before AND after the wedding. They know how to make your day special without you even knowing they are there!"

– Tara Fleetwood, Bride (2013)

"Trevor and his team were a joy to work with! I couldn't have asked for a better video to view the rest of my life...videography is a must for any bride to be!"

– Valarie Davis, Bride (2012)


– Ashley Burgess Greene, Event Designer Posh Petals & Pearls

"We cannot thank you enough for your amazing video. We are absolutely thrilled with your work. You went above and beyond, and we can't thank you enough"

– Erin & Dan Donahue, Bride & Groom (2011)

"With a highly professional team of artist they have an eye for perfection. These guys really capture the moment. And so easy to work with too!!!!"

– Sean Driscoll, Classical Guitar

"Thanks so much for all of your work on the wedding! I so appreciate how accommodating you were!"

– Lindsay Daly, Event Designer Spencer Special Events


"Beautifully done."

– Emily Pharr Mims, SWF Facebook

"Wow! What beautiful and professional filmmaking for this wedding. Lucky couple. It looks like a documentary, but with elation thrown in. Fulfills all the possibilities for this ‘genre’ of film."

– Diane O'Bannon, SWF Facebook


"We used Trevor for our July beach wedding on Hilton Head Island and he was fantastic! Honestly, we weren't sure that we were going to pay for a videographer at all. It's one of those things that we went back and forth on and could have easily cut from our budget. I am SOOOOO glad we didn't though. I hardly remember the ceremony at all and to be able to have the video forever, and hear what everyone said, is priceless. He is professional, accommodating, and got back to us quickly with any questions we had. We only had the ceremony filmed but it was well worth it and I would highly recommend Savannah Wedding Films!"

– Amy Thompson, Bride


"Always great to work with Savannah Wedding Films!"

- Kelli Corn Weddings & Events (2017)

"Savannah Wedding Films will make your wedding day look like a movie! I love watching the highlight reels of the wedding we work together! They are wedding ninja's because you don't even know they're there! They are very unobtrusive and very respectful during the ceremony they capture all the magic without being in your face. You will want to watch your wedding film again and again on every anniversary!"

– Jeff Brown, All About You DJs

"We felt Savannah Wedding Films did a fantastic job. They were there on time, caught all the major points of our wedding and delivered a beautiful video! We appreciate their quality, timeliness and professionalism."

– Danielle Scaffidi, Bride

"Trevor and his team will produce some of the best videography you could ask or pay for! No detail goes un-recorded or un-noticed. The quality is top notch and the service stands alone. If you want an amazing wedding video with the extras that make it all that more special, then you will want to have Trevor and his team for your wedding day!"

– Morgan Gallo Events, Event Designers